How to Choose Best Hot Water System for Your Home

If you are building a new home, or need to do something about the lack of hot water in an old one, then you need to know what is the best hot water system.

Using the best system for your home and your needs will save you the most money on your power bills in the long run. It may be worth paying a bit more now for a more efficient system that will save you in the long term. As much as 20% of your power bill could be heating hot water.

While there are certainly some that we recommend more than others, the exact right one for you will depend on a few things, such as:

  • The size of your home
  • The size of your family
  • How you use your hot water
  • The effect your hot water system may make on the environment
  • Your budget
  • Many other little details

There are some systems which are greener than others which will have a higher starred energy rating. How many stars you want to go with maybe a priority or not for you.

What sort of hot water systems are there?

Electric Storage Systems

These come in a large range of sizes and can be installed indoors or out. Some models have the nifty capacity to be installed on ‘off-peak’ power rates which can greatly reduce your running costs and power bills.

You can also get stainless steel tanks in some sizes of these systems which are fantastic for longer life and less maintenance.

Gas Continuous Flow Systems

These systems have super-efficient energy ratings with up to 7 stars on some models. They provide a service of ‘on-demand’ heating for unlimited hot water with no wastage, with no need to heat a whole tank of water.

These systems are smaller and are generally less obtrusive in appearance than the electric heaters (because they don’t need to hold as much water at a time). There are indoor models available.

Gas Storage Systems

These are bigger than the continuous slow gas systems because they need to hold the water, but they can be more efficient than the electric storage systems. These can heat water up to twice as fast as an electric system. They are better for the environment as well as they produce less CO2 than the electric models.

You can get long-lasting stainless-steel tanks in these ones too.

Solar Water Systems

You can install solar water panels which are just for heating your water and won’t produce electricity, these are cheaper than the power ones. The energy you are using then to heat your hot water is completely free. This lowers your carbon footprint and is the greenest choice you can make but will also be the most expensive up-front investment.

You will need to install a cylinder to store the water in, these may take up a bit of space in the average home.

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