SEMrush Mobile SEO Certification Exam Answers 2024

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Updated SEMrush Mobile SEO Certification Questions & Answers:

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Choose The Correct Statement About Mobile Searchers According To Google Research.

  •         They are usually searching from outside of their home
  •         They have a higher buyer intent
  •         They are more likely to look for directions

When You’re Designing Content For Your Site, You Should Design Primarily For Desktop Screens, Then Use CSS To Adjust What’s On Mobile.

  •         False
  •         True

Google’s Spiders Render Your Pages Because Google Wants To Crawl Your Site As Humans See It.

  •         False
  •         True

What’s One Simple Mobile UX Code Change That Will Help You Get More Form Conversions?

  •         Loading the correct keyboard for each form field
  •         Making sure the form fields are sufficiently spaced out
  •         Using the correct click size on the submit button

Choose 2 Correct Statements About Site Load Speed.

  •         Fast sites rank better
  •         You should make your site fast for a better user experience
  •         Slow sites are penalized

What’s Better For Your Business? AMP Or PWA?

  •         AMP
  •         PWA
  •         It depends on what kind of business you have and how your customers find you
  •         PWAMP

Why Are AMP Sites Faster?

  •         They’re hosted directly on Google servers
  •         They’re given an artificial boost by Google
  •         They have simplified code

What Kinds Of Businesses Need Local SEO?

  •         Any business with a physical storefront or that serves customers in a particular area
  •         Every business, thanks to mobile search
  •         Any business that sells online

Adding Your City Or Location Keyword To Your Meta Description Helps You Rank Better For Mobile Searches.

  •         False
  •         True

What Makes Your Website Responsive?

  •         Javascript
  •         Google Tag Manager
  •         CSS code
  •         Nothing, it’s automatic