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Updated Google Analytics Certification Questions & Answers: Google Analytics Individual Qualification

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Sharing A Custom Report Will Share The Report Configuration And Data Included In The Report.

  • TRUE

What Campaign Parameter Is Not Available By Default In Google Analytics ?

  • utm_content
  • utm_source
  • utm_medium
  • utm_adgroup

When Does The Tracking Code Send An Event Hit To Google Analytics?

  • Every time a user performs an action with pageview tracking implemented
  • Every time a user adds an event to their calendar
  • Every time a user performs an action with event tracking implemented
  • Every time a user makes a reservation

Which Reports Require The Activation Of Advertising Features?

  • Geo reports
  • Cohort Analysis reports
  • Real-time reports
  • Demographics and Interests reports

If A Web Page Visitor Clears The Analytics Cookie From Their Browser, What Will Occur?

  • All of the above
  • Analytics will set a new browser cookie the next time a browser loads a tracked page
  • Analytics will set a new unique ID the next time a browser loads a tracked page
  • Analytics will not be able to associate user behavior data with past data collected

Sampling Is Applied To Reports Before Segmentation.

  • TRUE

To Increase The Speed At Which Google Analytics Compiles Reports, What Action Could Be Taken?

  • Choose “Faster response” in the sampling pulldown menu
  • Apply an advanced filter to the report
  • Remove any filters on the view
  • Choose “Greater precision” in the sampling pulldown menu

What Model Represents The Hierarchical Structure Of A Google Analytics Account?

  • Property > Account > View
  • Account > Property > View
  • View > Account > Property
  • Account > View > Property

What Is The “Bounce Rate” In Google Analytics?

  • Percentage of visits when a user landed on a website and exited without any interactions
  • Number of times users returned to a website in a given time period
  • Percentage of total site exits
  • Percentage of sessions in which a user exits from a homepage

Which Metric Reports On How Often A Channel Contributes To A Conversion Prior To Last-Click Attribution?

  • Primary conversion
  • Second-to-last-click attribution
  • Assisted conversion
  • Secondary conversion

What Feature Is Required To Collect The Number Of Comments Users Posted To A Web Page?

  • Custom Channel Groupings
  • Calculated Metric
  • Custom Dimension
  • Custom Metric

What Is A “Dimension” In Google Analytics?

  • An attribute of a data set that can be organized for better analysis
  • The lifetime value of a user in a given date range
  • A report that offers different demographic information about your audience
  • A comparison of data between two date ranges

If A Destination Goal Is Created For A Newsletter Sign-Up And A User Completes The Newsletter Sign-Up Three Times In Three Separate Sessions, How Many Goal Conversions Will Google Analytics Count?

  • 3
  • 2
  • 6
  • 1

Using A Standard Google Analytics Configuration, Which Characteristics Cannot Be Used To Create A Custom Segment?

  • Users 25 to 34 years old who have their browser set to Spanish
  • Users who engaged in a social media or email campaign
  • Users who viewed a page on a website, then watched a video
  • Users who are female and have children

What Data Does Google Analytics Prohibit Collecting?

  • Product SKU(s)
  • Billing city
  • Purchase amount
  • Personally identifable information


The Default Session Timeout Duration In Google Analytics Is How Many Minutes?

  • 5
  • 10
  • 30
  • 20

What Report Compares Metrics Based On User Acquisition Date Over A Series Of Weeks?

  • User Explorer
  • Active Users
  • Users Flow
  • Cohort Analysis

What Scope Applies To Custom Metrics?

  • Customer
  • Session
  • Hit
  • User

What Filter Would Only Include Data From A Campaign Titled “Back To School” In Campaign Reports?

  • Custom Include filter with field “Page Title” and pattern “back to school”
  • Custom Include filter with field “Campaign Name” and pattern “back to school”
  • Custom Search and Replace filter with field “Campaign Name”, string “back to school”, and pattern “include”
  • Predefined Include filter with “traffic to the hostname” “that are equal to” “back to school”

What Campaigns Require Manual Tags On Destination URLs For Tracking?

  • None of the above
  • Google Ads campaigns
  • Autotagged campaigns
  • Email campaigns

When Does The Analytics Tracking Code Send A Pageview Hit To Google Analytics?

  • Every time a user adds an item to an online shopping cart
  • Every time a user clicks a video on a website
  • Every time a user searches on a website
  • Every time a user loads a webpage with embedded tracking code

Which User Characteristic May NOT Be Used To Change Keyword Bids In Google Ads?:

  • time of day
  • location
  • device
  • ad preference

Which Default Traffic Source Dimensions Does Google Analytics Report For Each Website Visitor?

  • Campaign and Ad Content
  • Source and Campaign
  • Source and Medium
  • Campaign and Medium

What Criteria Cannot Be Used To Create A Custom Segment?

  • Ad type
  • Dimensions
  • Metrics
  • Sequences of user actions

What Is A “Metric” In Google Analytics?

  • The numbers in a data set often paired with dimensions
  • The dates in a date range
  • A segment of data separated out in a report for comparison
  • A dimension that can help analyze site performance

What Feature Is Required To Track Customer Search Terms On A Website?

  • Enhanced Ecommerce
  • Site Search
  • Data Import
  • Search filters

What Type Of Custom Report Shows A Static Sortable Table With Rows Of Data?

  • Flat Table
  • Explorer
  • Map Overlay
  • Pivot Table

In Multi-Channel Funnel Reports, What Channel Would Not Be Credited With A Conversion?

  • Paid and organic search
  • Website referrals
  • Social network
  • Television commercials

Which Reports Indicate How Website Referrals, Organic Search, And Ad Campaigns Assisted In Conversions?

  • Goals reports
  • Acquisition reports
  • Multi-Channel Funnel reports
  • Ecommerce reports

What Feature Can Join Offline Business Systems Data With Online Data Collected By Google Analytics?

  • Data import
  • Goal tracking
  • User ID
  • Google Ads Linking


What Is Not A Filter Setting For Data In Views?

  • Modify
  • Include
  • Restore
  • Exclude

What Channel Is Not Included In The Default Channels Report?

  • Direct
  • Display
  • Organic Search
  • Device

To Recognize Users Across Different Devices, What Is Required For User ID?

  • A new Analytics account for reporting
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Sign-in that generates and sets unique IDs
  • All of the above

Segments Will Not Allow You To Do What?

  • Create subsets of sessions or users
  • Permanently alter data
  • Build custom Remarketing lists
  • Isolate and analyze data

Where Should The Analytics Tracking Code Be Placed In The HTML Of A Webpage For Data Collection?

  • Just after the opening <head> tag
  • Just before the closing </body> tag
  • Just after the opening <body> tag
  • Just before the closing </head> tag

What Would Prevent Data From Appearing In A Custom Report?

  • Too many metrics in a Custom Report
  • A filter that removes all the data
  • Custom Report isn’t shared with users in the same view
  • Too many dimensions in a Custom Report

Google Analytics Cannot Collect Data From Which Systems By Default?

  • Offline inventory database
  • Websites
  • Online point-of-sale systems
  • Mobile devices

What Report Indicates The Last Page Users Viewed Before Leaving A Website?

  • Landing Pages report
  • All Pages report
  • Exit Pages report
  • Pages report

When Does A Default Analytics Session Expire?

  • When a user is inactive on a web page for more than 30 minutes
  • After 30 minutes, regardless of user activity on a web page
  • At noon every day
  • When a user opens a new browser window

What Does Assigning A Value To A Google Analytics Goal Enable?

  • Track actual revenue from conversions
  • Track real-time business revenue
  • Analyze a website conversion funnel
  • Compare goal conversions and measure changes to a website“/Ordercomplete”%20And%20A%20Match%20Type%20Of%20“Begins%20With”,%20Which%20Of%20The%20Following%20Pages%20On%20Www.Googlemerchandisestore.Com%20Will%20NOT%20Count%20As%20A%20Goal?

  • /ordercomplete.php
  • /ordercomplete/index.html
  • /ordercomplete/thank_you.html
  • /order/complete.php

What Asset Is Used To Build A Remarketing List?

  • Custom Dimension
  • Custom Segment
  • Custom Report
  • Custom Metric

When Linking A Google Ads Account To Google Analytics, What Is Not Possible?

  • Import Analytics Goals and transactions into Google Ads as conversions
  • Adjust keyword bids in Google Ads from Google Analytics
  • View Google Ads click and cost data next to site engagement data in Analytics
  • Create remarketing lists in Analytics to use in Google Ads campaigns

A New Custom Channel Group May Be Applied Retroactively To Organize Data That Has Been Previously Collected.

  • True
  • False

What Report Shows A Visual Representation Of User Interactions On A Website?

  • Behavior Flow report
  • Landing Pages report
  • Content Drilldown report
  • Treemaps report


What Criteria Could Not Be Used To Create A Dynamic Remarketing Audience?

  • Users who returned an item they purchased
  • Users who viewed a homepage
  • Users who viewed a search result page on a website
  • Users who viewed product-detail pages

What Report Provides Data On How Specific Sections Of A Website Performed?

  • Location report
  • Frequency and Recency report
  • Content Drilldown report
  • Top Events report

What Is Not A Benefit Of Using Segments To Analyze Data?

  • Isolate and analyze specific conversion paths using conversion segments
  • Permanently modify the data in a view
  • Analyze users by single or multi-session conditions
  • Compare behavior metrics for groups of users like Converters vs non Converters

Within How Many Days Can A Deleted View Be Restored?

  • 25
  • 5
  • 35
  • 15

What Report Shows Which Types Of Mobile Devices Visited A Website?

  • Technology > Network report
  • Site Content > Landing Page report
  • Mobile > Devices report
  • All Traffic > Source/Medium report

Views Can Include Website Data Collected Before The View Was Created.

  • TRUE

What Cannot Be Collected By The Default Analytics Tracking Code?

  • Device and operating system
  • User’s favorite website
  • Page visits
  • Browser language setting

How Would A View Filter Be Configured To Include Only Users From Brazil And Argentina?

  • Filter 1: include Brazil > Filter 2: include Argentina
  • Filter 1: include Argentina > Filter 2: include Brazil
  • Filter 1: include Brazil or Argentina
  • Filter 1: exclude all countries except Brazil and Argentina

To View Accurate Data In A Custom Report, What Action Should Be Avoided?

  • Pair metrics and dimensions of different scopes
  • Use multiple dimensions together in the same report
  • Create a report with Custom Metrics
  • Use a Custom Dimension as a primary dimension

What Report Shows Users Who Initiated Sessions Over 1-Day, 7-Day, 14-Day, And 30-Day Periods?

  • Active Users report
  • User Explorer report
  • Users Flow report
  • Cohort Analysis report

What Report Shows The Percent Of Site Traffic That Visited Previously?

  • Sales Performance report
  • Frequency & Recency report
  • Referrals report
  • New vs Returning report

For Autotagging, What Parameter Does Google Ads Include In The Destination URL?

  • adid=
  • urlid=
  • utm=
  • gclid=

Once Filters Have Been Applied, What Is The Option To Recover Filtered Data?

  • Filtered data is not recoverable
  • Data may be recovered within 10 days
  • Data may be recovered within 30 days
  • Data may be recovered within 5 days

What Report Shows The Percentage Of Traffic That Previously Visited A Website?

  • Behavior > Frequency and Recency report
  • Interests > Affinity categories report
  • All traffic > Referrals report
  • Behavior > New vs returning report

View Filters May Be Applied Retroactively To Any Data That Has Been Processed.

  • False
  • True


What Is Not A Benefit Of Google Analytics Remarketing?

  • Show customized ads to customers who have previously visited your site
  • Allow customers to quickly reorder an item they have previously purchased
  • Create remarketing lists without making changes to your existing Analytics snippet
  • Create remarketing lists based on custom segments and targets

If A User Visits A Web Page With An Embedded Video, Leaves Without Clicking On Anything, And The Session Times Out, How Will Google Analytics Report The Session?

  • As an event
  • As a click
  • As a bounce
  • As an interaction

What Is Not Considered A “Source” In Google Analytics By Default?

  • email
  • (direct)
  • google
  • com

What Report Shows Which Web Pages Get The Most Traffic And Highest Engagement?

  • Frequency and Recency report
  • Active Users report
  • Engagement report
  • All Pages report

When Will Google Analytics Be Unable To Identify Sessions From The Same User By Default?

  • When the sessions happen in the same browser on the same device
  • When the sessions share the same browser cookie
  • When the sessions happen in different browsers on the same device
  • When the sessions happen in the same browser on the same day

What Is A “Secondary Dimension” In Google Analytics?

  • An additional report dimension for more specific analysis
  • A dashboard widget that offers more specific analysis
  • A visualization to understand the impact of data
  • An additional report metric for more specific analysis

What Feature Would Be Used To Collect How Many Times Users Downloaded A Product Catalog?

  • Custom Report
  • Event Tracking
  • Calculated Metrics
  • Custom Dimension

When The Same Default Tracking Code Is Installed On Pages With Different Domains, What Will Result?

  • Analytics will associate users and sessions with a single domain
  • Analytics will not associate users and sessions with any domain
  • Analytics will send an alert about duplicate data collection
  • Analytics will associate users and sessions with their respective domains

To Track Users And Sessions Across Multiple Domains, What First Must Be Set Up?

  • Data Import
  • Ad Exchange Linking
  • Cross-domain tracking
  • Google Ads Linking

What Scope Would Be Set For A Custom Dimension That Reports Membership Status For A Customer Rewards Program?

  • Session
  • Hit
  • Product
  • User

What Report Identifies Browsers That May Have Had Problems With A Website?

  • The Active Users report
  • The Browser & OS report
  • The Source/Medium report
  • The New vs Returning report

Which Goals Are Available In Google Analytics?

  • Destination, Event, Duration, Pages/Screens per Session
  • Location, Event, Time, Users per Session
  • Destination, Event, Pageview, Social
  • Pageview, Event, Transaction, Social

Which Assets Cannot Be Shared In The Solutions Gallery?

  • Goals
  • Segments
  • Custom reports
  • Custom Dimensions

What Scope Levels Available For Dimensions And Metrics?

  • Event-level, duration-level, transaction-level, or user-level scope
  • Event-level, session-level, transaction-level, or user-level scope
  • Location-level, duration-level, product-level, or user-level scope
  • Hit-level, session-level, product-level, or user-level scope

If A User Watches A Video With Event Tracking Three Times In A Single Session, Analytics Will Count How Many Unique Events?

  • 2
  • 6
  • 1
  • 3


Filters Cannot Perform What Action On Collected Data?

  • Include data from specific subdomains
  • Include shopping preferences
  • Convert dynamic page URLs to readable text strings
  • Exclude traffic from particular IP addresses

Which Three Campaign Parameters Are Recommended To Manually Track Campaigns?

  • Medium, Source, and Content
  • Campaign, Content, and Term
  • Medium, Source, and Campaign
  • Source, Content, and Term

What Is Used To Create Smart Goals?

  • Machine-learning algorithms
  • Custom Reports
  • Analytics Goals
  • Remarketing audience

In Custom Reports, What Must Metrics And Dimensions Share In Order To Report Accurately?

  • Same view
  • Same scope
  • Same Custom Report
  • Same index

What Data Is Google Analytics Goals Unable To Track?

  • Customer’s lifetime value
  • Making a purchase
  • Signing up for a newsletter
  • Watching a video

What Remarketing Audiences Cannot Be Defined By Default?

  • Users who speak a particular language
  • Users who visited a physical store
  • Users who played a video on a website
  • Users who visited a specific page on a website

Which Parameters Can Be Included With An Event Hit For Reporting?

  • Event, Category, Action, Label
  • Category, Action, Label, Unique Events
  • Category, Action, Label, Value
  • Category, Action, Label, Total Events

What Report Indicates Where Users Start Or Exit The Conversion Funnel?

  • Goal Flow
  • Treemaps
  • Cohort Analysis
  • User Timings

Auto-Tagging Is Used To Collect Data From What Kind Of Traffic?

  • Social media traffic
  • Social media traffic
  • Google Ads Campaign traffic
  • Website referral traffic

View Filters Are Applied In What Order?

  • Creation date
  • Random order
  • Sequential order
  • Alphabetical order

What Data Table Display Compares Report Metrics To The Website Average?

  • Pivot
  • Percentage
  • Performance
  • Comparison

What Feature Must Be Enabled To Use Multi-Channel Funnels?

  • Custom Dimensions
  • Advertising Features
  • Goals or Ecommerce
  • In-page Analytics

Custom Dimensions Can Be Used As What?

  • Primary dimensions in Custom Reports
  • All of the above
  • Secondary dimensions in Custom Reports
  • Secondary dimensions in Standard reports

In Views That Don’t Have Data Import Enabled, Custom Dimensions Values May Be Viewed For Dates Before The Custom Dimension Was Created.

  • TRUE

Which Reports Indicate How Traffic Arrived At A Website?

  • Demographics
  • Geo
  • All Traffic
  • Behavior


What Metric-Dimension Combination Is Not Valid?

  • Time on Page / Device Category
  • Sessions / Bounce rate
  • Sessions / Source
  • Total Events / User Type

What Is The Set Of Rules That Determines How Sales And Conversions Get Credited Based On Touch-Points In The Conversion Path?

  • Attribution modeling
  • Conversion tracking
  • Channel Groupings
  • Multi-Channel Funnels

What Is Not Considered A Default “Medium” In Google Analytics?

  • referral
  • google
  • organic
  • cpc

What Feature Is Required To Send Data From A Web-Connected Device (Like A Point-Of-Sale System) To Google Analytics?

  • The Measurement Protocol
  • Data Import
  • Browser cookies
  • The Networking Protocol

What Report Indicates The Pages Of A Website Where Users First Arrived?

  • Landing Pages report
  • Pages report
  • Location report
  • All Pages report

In Multi-Channel Funnel Reports, How Are Default Conversions Credited?

  • Second to last campaign, search, or ad
  • Equal credit along the conversion touchpoints
  • Last campaign, search, or ad
  • First campaign, search, or ad

To Recognize Users Across Different Devices, What Feature Must Be Enabled?

  • Audience Definitions
  • Attribution Models
  • Google Ads Linking
  • User ID

Which Kinds Of Hits Does Google Analytics Track?

  • Pageview
  • Event
  • All of the above
  • Transaction

What Feature Collects Company-Specific Data Such As Member Status?

  • Custom Filter
  • Event Tracking
  • Custom Dimension
  • Custom Metric