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Updated Partner Demo Course Certification Questions & Answers:

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What Marketing Hub edition includes brand domains?

  • HubSpot’s free marketing tools
  • Marketing Hub Starter
  • Marketing Hub Professional
  • Marketing Hub Enterprise

True or False? You have the ability to rotate leads to sales reps if you have only Marketing Hub Professional.

  • True – Lead rotation is a Marketing Hub Professional feature
  • False – Lead rotation is not available with HubSpot
  • True – Lead rotation is available with all Marketing Hub editions
  • False – Lead rotation is only available with Sales Professional/Enterprise editions

What is one of the main value propositions for the Marketing Hub lists tool?

  • Creation of call lists for the sales team
  • Powerful segmentation of your contacts
  • Addition of new contacts to the database at scale

The HubSpot software applies SEO tips to which of the following tools? (choose all that apply)

  • Blogs
  • Landing Pages
  • Website Pages
  • Ads
  • Emails
  • All of the above

True or False? You will only be able to use HubSpot SEO planning and analytics tools if you use the HubSpot blogging tool and CMS.

  • True
  • False

How many subdomains are included with Marketing Hub Professional?

  • 3 Subdomains (Landing Pages, Blogs, Emails)
  • 4 Subdomains (Landing Pages, Website Pages, Blogs, Emails)
  • Unlimited Subdomains

What criteria can be used to personalize smart content? (choose all that apply)

  • Country
  • Device Type
  • Referral Source
  • Preferred Language
  • Contact List Membership
  • Contact Lifecycle stage
  • All of the above

When should you gather your prospect’s GPCT (goals, plans, challenges and timelines)?

  • During the first 20 minutes of the demo meeting
  • During the exploration/discovery call prior to the demo meeting
  • Throughout the demo meeting

Fill in the blank: An effective approach for a product demo is_____

  • tell-show-tell
  • trial and error
  • stop & go
  • rpt

Why should you qualify the “Why” several times?

  • To drill down to the root of your prospect’s challenges.
  • To flesh out the meeting.
  • To slow down the deal.




What factors can list segmentation be based on?

  • Demographic data
  • Behavioral data
  • Data from integrated systems like Surveymonkey
  • All of the above

True or False? The content strategy tool doesn’t work if your content is hosted on another CMS like WordPress.

  • True
  • False

Which of the following features are included in Marketing Hub Professional? (choose all that apply)

  • Workflows
  • Smart Content
  • Content Partitioning
  • A/B Testing
  • Predictive Lead Scoring

True or false? Customers looking to integrate their ads accounts to HubSpot need to buy the ads add-on.

  • True – You must purchase the ads add-on to connect your ads accounts to HubSpot.
  • False – You can connect your ads accounts to HubSpot’s free tools.

True or False? The HubSpot team will migrate your WordPress blog posts for you during onboarding/implementation.

  • True – The migration team will migrate up to 500 blogs posts for you.
  • False – You can import your blog posts yourself using the WordPress blog import tool.
  • True – The migration team will migrate or redesign your blog posts for you.
  • False – It is not possible to import your WordPress blog

Through HubSpot’s social tool you can publish to the following social networks (Check all that apply)

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter

Which Sales Hub edition is required to define your own deal stages in a sales pipeline?

  • HubSpot’s free sales tools
  • Sales Hub Starter
  • Sales Hub Enterprise
  • Sales Hub Professional

What information would you expect to learn by asking, “how are your marketing and sales teams set up?” (choose all that apply)

  • How many portals your prospect might need
  • How many sales seats your prospect might need
  • What level of Sales Hub they might need (Free, Starter, Pro, Ent)
  • When they are hoping to get started
  • Whether they have the authority to buy

A prospect tells you that they collect their website leads on a regular basis and manually pass them to sales reps. Which HubSpot features should you position to improve that experience?

  • CTAs
  • Workflows and Automation
  • Blog posts
  • Forms

At which edition of Sales Hub do customers first get access to multiple sales pipelines?

  • Free
  • Starter
  • Professional
  • Enterprise




If your prospect tells you that they have four regional sales teams and they do not share leads across those teams, which features should we include in your demo?

  • Snippets
  • Teams and Permissions
  • Documents
  • Sequences

Playbooks can be used for which of the following? (choose all that apply)

  • speed up the ramp of new hires
  • extract the knowledge and processes of your most experiences reps
  • put in place a streamlined process for all reps to follow
  • ensure reps input the data that is required for the sales, service org to perform effectively.
  • All of the above

Playbooks can be used on which of the following record types? (choose all that apply)

  • Contact records
  • Company records
  • Deal records
  • Ticket records
  • All of the above

What are the 4 different packages within Sales Hub (Choose the right order, from low to high)?

  • Free / Enterprise / Professional / Sales Hub
  • Free / Starter / Professional / Reports
  • Free / Starter / Professional / Enterprise

Where can you find an in-depth features overview for what’s available at each level of Sales hub?

  • Hubspot home page
  • The HubSpot pricing page or the product catalog
  • Why go HubSpot page

The product catalog page shows which of the following: (choose all that apply)

  • Which features are per account/per user
  • What’s available at each level
  • The limitations for features
  • All of the above

What object associations can you see on a deal record? (Hint: the right column) (choose all that apply)

  • Contacts / Companies / Tickets
  • Playbooks
  • Products / Quotes
  • All of the above

Where can I filter deals to view deals that are owned by a user?

  • Deal pipeline
  • Deal forecast
  • Products

You have created your deal pipeline with several deal stages. You now want to set up an automatic notification for your sales rep when a deal moves to a particular stage. Where can you do this? (choose all that apply)

  • The deal record
  • Deal settings – automation
  • Deal pipeline
  • Workflows

Which of these sales tools are NOT included with the HubSpot and Gmail integration?

  • Snippets
  • Meetings
  • Workflows
  • Sequences
  • Templates




Can multiple sales reps be added to the default contact owner property in HubSpot?

  • Yes
  • No

True or False? With HubSpot’s free tools you will get access to the tickets tool.

  • True – Tickets are available with HubSpot’s free tools.
  • False – Tickets are only available with Service Hub Professional.
  • True – You can create multiple ticket pipelines with HubSpot’s free tools.
  • False – Tickets are only available with Sales Hub Professional.

With HubSpot’s free tools, do you get access to 5 email templates per user or per portal?

  • per user
  • per portal

In which edition of Service Hub can you get calculated fields?

  • Free
  • Starter
  • Professional
  • Enterprise

What does GPCT stand for?

  • Group, perform, claim, test
  • Game, plan, cost, timing
  • Goals, plans, challenges, and timeline
  • Global, peripheral, change, tracks

Which of the following metrics is not measured in the knowledge base analytics?

  • Average time on article
  • Number of views
  • Number of clicks
  • Helpful rating

Fill in the blank: As a best practice, it’s better to ask questions and engage the conversation with your prospect ________.

  • at the end of the demonstration
  • the beginning of the demonstration
  • at any time of the demonstration
  • at no point of the demonstration

True or false? Contacts can be created directly from a live chat (chatflow) in HubSpot.

  • True
  • False

What does SLA stand for (in the context of Service Hub)?

  • Standard Legal Agreement
  • Service Level Agreement
  • Software License Agreement

What are some elements that can be defined within a support team’s service level agreement?

  • Metrics like number of tickets closed
  • Average response time for tickets
  • Time to first response
  • Areas of service
  • Availability of service
  • All of the above




True or False? In Service Hub, you have the option to create additional custom ticket properties.

  • False – Custom properties are only available in Sales Hub.
  • True – Custom ticket properties are available with HubSpot’s free tools.
  • False – HubSpot does not allow the creation of custom ticket properties.
  • True – You can create custom ticket properties though this requires Service Hub Starter.

Fill in the blank: With Service Hub Professional you can automatically send a customer support survey to a customer_________.

  • when a contact becomes a customer
  • when a customer re-signs a contract
  • when you close a ticket associated with a customer
  • whenever you like

Fill in the blank: Playbooks are part of the Service Hub ____ edition.

  • HubSpot’s free tools
  • Service Hub Starter
  • Service Hub Pro
  • Service Hub Enterprise

What types of automation are available for Service Hub Professional? (choose all that apply.)

  • Pipeline Automation
  • Deal Automation
  • Ticket Automation
  • Contact Automation
  • Quote Automation

With which edition of Service Hub can you set goals/targets for your team members, such as the number of tickets closed or average ticket resolution time?

  • HubSpot’s free tools
  • Service Hub Starter
  • Service Hub Professional
  • Service Hub Enterprise

True or False? With Marketing Hub Professional you have the option to build your own custom reports, which can pull information from multiple objects in HubSpot.

  • False – you will need to get the reporting add-on to do this.
  • True – Marketing Hub Professional allows you to build reports using two data sets in the same report.
  • True – Marketing Hub Professional will allow you to build reports using more than two data sets in the same report.
  • False, you will need Marketing Hub Enterprise.

Which of the following is not a benefit of snippets for sales teams?

  • Increase productivity
  • Simplify communications
  • Ensure reps can’t personalize emails

How many users are included, by default, in the Service Hub Professional edition?

  • 1 user
  • 5 users
  • 10 users

Fill in the blank: With Service Hub ____ you can create up to 1000 personal and teams meetings links, plus additional customization.

  • Starter
  • Professional
  • Enterprise
  • All of the above

What are the channels that I can connect with conversations inbox?

  • SMS and email
  • Email and chat
  • Chat and SMS
  • SMS and WeChat




Which of the following are some services you can offer alongside Service Hub specifically? (choose all that apply)

  • Developing a buyer persona
  • Setting up ticket properties
  • Connecting a shared inbox
  • Setting up live chat
  • Writing blog articles to attract leads
  • Creating a knowledge base
  • Defining KPIs and set up an SLA

On the contact record what information can be seen on the timeline?

  • What company the contact is associated with.
  • What products the contact has bought.
  • Which of your website pages the contact has visited.
  • All of the above.

Which of the following are best practices that you should apply when designing a landing page? (choose all that apply)

  • Keep the page simple.
  • Include a clear call to action (e.g. a form) on the page.
  • Remove all distractions.
  • Include social sharing options.
  • Include your navigation bar to make it easy for visitors to return to your page.
  • Include a short description of the offer.

With Service Hub, which of the following areas could you offer your services around? (choose all that apply)

  • Technical Implementation
  • Knowledge Base Creation
  • Process Design
  • KPI Definition
  • Marketing and Sales Alignment
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • All of the above

From where in HubSpot can sales reps create tasks? (choose all that apply)

  • Tasks Dashboard
  • Lists
  • Contact, company, deal, ticket record
  • HubSpot Mobile App

What is the importance of presenting the prospects GPCT (Goals, Plans, Challenges, Timeline) at the start of a demo? (choose all that apply)

  • It confirms that the demo will cover valuable content for the prospect.
  • It can be used to reinforce HubSpot as the best solution to meet a prospect’s challenges and goals at the conclusion of a demo.
  • It tells the salesperson what budget the prospect has so they can sell more licenses.
  • It quantifies goals your prospect must hit in order to be successful, aligning growth with HubSpot to the financial success of your prospect.

What are some of the primary values of the reports dashboards? (choose all that apply)

  • HubSpot will build all of the reports you need.
  • You do not need to refresh or update the data.
  • You can add up to 20 reports per dashboard.
  • There are dozens of out of the box reports available in the report library.
  • You can build your own custom reports from scratch.