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Google Mobile Sites Assessment Exam Answers

Updated Google Mobile Sites Certification Questions & Answers:

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Resources With Responses That Are ______ For All Users Are Great Candidates To Be Cached By A CDN.

  • variants
  • sized
  • identical
  • different

How Many Times Per Second Do Most Devices Refresh Their Screens?

  • 60
  • 35
  • 100
  • 20

True Or False: To Instruct The Browser To Use The Default Device Width, You Would Use .

  • False
  • True

To Deliver The Fastest Possible Time To First Render, You Should Minimize The Number Of:

  • critical resources
  • critical HTML classes
  • critical JavaScript functions
  • CSS classes

Which Changes To “Geometric Properties” Affect The Layout?

  • All of the answers are correct
  • Top
  • Heights
  • Widths

For Each Font On Your Website You Should:

  • Make sure to add as many as possible
  • Minimize the HTML
  • Add CSS
  • Minimize the number of used variants

Which Can Be Sacrificed To Reduce The File Size Of An Image?

  • Color range
  • Compression
  • Quality
  • Rendering speed

Image Information Such As Location And Camera Description Can Often Be Deleted To Reduce Image Sizes. This Type Of Information Is Called:

  • GZIP
  • metadata
  • raster
  • vector

When Using Chrome Devtools, What Should You Limit The Connectivity To?

  • Regular 2G
  • Regular 4G
  • Regular 3G
  • No Throttling

At A Minimum, What Page Weight Should You Be Aiming For?

  • 1MB
  • 2MB
  • More than 3MB
  • Less than 1MB

The Render Tree Contains:

  • the DOM
  • content of the page
  • the styles of the page
  • visible content

Before The Browser Can Render The Page, It Needs To Construct The:

  • DOM and CSSOM trees
  • UX trees
  • Pixel pipeline
  • HTML and JavaScript

What Is A Tool That You Can Use To Emulate And Simulate A Site That’s Experiencing Poor Or Unreliable Connectivity?

  • org
  • com
  • net
  • net

The App Shell Helps With:

  • Improving elements of the UX
  • Making transitions between pages faster
  • Creating a fully optimized site
  • Making the full page load faster

If You’re In An Animation Like Scrolling, You Should Ideally Be Looking To Keep Your JavaScript To Something In The Region Of:

  • 5ms – 6ms
  • 9ms – 10ms
  • 3ms – 4ms
  • 7ms – 8ms


Some Users Aren’t Comfortable Converting On Their Mobile Device. What Could Be An Action You Can Take To Improve Their Experience?

  • Asking the user to register to save their details
  • Showing the desktop version of the site on mobile devices
  • Offering secondary call-to-action buttons, like social sharing
  • Making your primary call-to-action buttons more prominent

Which Allows For Efficient Font Reuse Between Pages?

  • WOFF2 fonts
  • The font matching algorithm
  • Revalidation token
  • The local() directive

Which Is True About Calls-To-Action Usage On Mobile Homepages?

  • A call-to-action should be prominent on the visible area of the mobile homepage
  • The same call-to-action should be used both on mobile and desktop sites
  • A call-to-action should be on the second page
  • A call-to-action should be used in menus only

True Or False: JavaScript Can Block DOM Construction Unless Explicitly Declared As Async.

  • false
  • true

Which Is NOT Part Of AMP:

  • Inline CSS
  • Custom Fonts
  • Analytics

True Or False: Images Should Never Change When Rotating A Device Screen Or Between Different Device Sizes.

  • True
  • False

Which Is A Benefit Of A Mobile Site Over An App For Businesses?

  • Shorter development timelines
  • You have to build a separate site for tablets and phones
  • Mobile sites require approvals before one can gain access
  • Mobile sites only work on Android

AMP ______ The Page ______ Waiting For Resources To Download.

  • displays; after
  • caches; before
  • indexes; while
  • lays out; without

Which Components Often Account For Most Of The Downloaded Bytes On A Web Page?

  • Fonts
  • JavaScript
  • Articles
  • Images

In The Layout Step, The Browser:

  • forces the DOM to be rebuilt
  • first resizes elements before computing their position
  • displays the on-screen elements in their new positions
  • “computes the size and position of render tree elements “

Which Format Is Preferred For Multi-Device And High-Resolution Icons?

  • Data URLs
  • Vector (SVG)
  • PNG
  • JPEG

Which Describes How A Service Worker Operates?

  • It can be used only when the user is browsing the website
  • None of the answer options are correct
  • It doesn’t handle network requests coming from the navigation on the website
  • It runs a programmable network proxy

When Referring To The Critical Rendering Path In Site Performance, A Critical Resource Is:

  • a resource that could block initial display of the page
  • a resource that takes more than 500ms to load
  • any resource that must be loaded
  • any resource that returns a 404

True Or False: To Instruct The Browser To Use The Default Device Width, You Would Use .

  • False
  • True

Which Of The Following Describes An App Shell?

  • It discourages caching of content that overlaps across pages of the website
  • It is comprised of all page elements which are dependant of the specific page contents
  • None of the answer options are correct
  • It provides a fast first impression gracefully transitioning to a fully loaded page


Which Of These Features Is Part Of A Progressive Web App?

  • Location API
  • UX API
  • Add to home screen
  • Call API

Which Is An Example Of An Unnecessary Resource Negatively Impacting The User Experience?

  • One web font
  • Optimized images
  • Lazy loading
  • A photo carousel on the homepage that allows the visitor to preview multiple photos with a quick click

Why Do CSS @Imports Harm Performance?

  • They create a less efficient CSSOM
  • They require additional CPU time to parse
  • They can introduce unwanted dependencies
  • @import loads files less efficiently than <link>

Which Of The Following Reports In Google Analytics Helps You To Identify Leakages From The Conversion Funnel?

  • Top Landing Pages Report
  • Device Usage Report
  • Checkout Behavior Analysis Report
  • Product Performance Report

Which Of The Following Statements Is True About The Mobile Experience Of Users?

  • It’s important to use call-to-action buttons to keep users in the same browser window
  • It’s important to show a prominent “full site” label on a mobile site
  • Users are willing to accept longer load times for high-resolution images
  • It’s important to show as much information as possible on the visible part of a mobile site

Why Are Push Notifications Important For Advertisers?

  • They give users the opportunity to re-engage with content they are interested in
  • The information they deliver can be acted on immediately
  • All of the answer options are correct
  • They deliver timely updates to users

True Or False: You Can Experiment With Google Analytics Features By Using The Google Merchandise Store Demo Account.

  • True
  • False

The First Step To Optimize The Critical Rendering Path Is To:

  • minimize number of critical resources: eliminate them, defer their download, mark them as async, and so on
  • optimize the order in which the remaining critical resources are loaded: download all critical assets as early as possible to shorten the critical path length
  • analyze and characterize your critical path: number of resources, bytes, length
  • optimize the number of critical bytes to reduce the download time (number of roundtrips)

What Does “Variant A” In A/B Testing Usually Represent?

  • Test version of the web page that is modified from the original
  • Original version of the web page
  • Greater than 95%
  • Less than 5000

What’s The Fastest And Best-Optimized Resource?

  • An image
  • Web fonts
  • The one not sent
  • Javascript

Which Of The Following Describes The Payment Request API Correctly?

  • It replaces your payment processor
  • It requires a phone with a fingerprint reader
  • It bypasses the checkout form
  • It is designed for external card readers

Keeping CSS Independent Of HTML Allows Us To Treat_______and _______as Separate Concerns.

  • user experience; speed
  • images; articles
  • content; design
  • analytics; optimization

True Or False: A/B Testing Allows You To Test Two Or More Elements On The Site To Understand Their Effects On Each Other

  • False
  • True

In Which Of The Following Situations Can A High Bounce Rate Be Interpreted As A Good Metric?

  • Campaign landing page brings the user to the product detail page
  • Campaign landing page brings the user to a page where the company promotes their phone number to receive calls
  • Campaign landing page brings the user to the first step of a 3-step lead generation form
  • Vector (SVG)

Which Of The Following Is NOT True About The Site Search Experience On Mobile Sites?

  • Smart-search features like auto-complete and corrected misspelling are especially important to have on small screens
  • Users rely on filters to narrow down search results
  • Comprehensive search results are better than concise results
  • Positioning site search at the top of a mobile page with an open-text search box is a best practice


How Do You Prioritize Optimization Of A Mobile Site For Browser Versions Or Screen Resolutions:

  • Look for the highest number of sessions and lowest conversion rates (or highest bounce rates)
  • Look for the oldest version of your site
  • Optimize all at the same time
  • Prioritize the site with the highest conversion rates

To Optimize For Speed, You Shouldn’t Use Too Many Webfonts And You Should Minimize The Number Of _____.

  • dingbats
  • descenders
  • variants
  • ligatures

How Can You Make The Job Simpler For The Browser?

  • Follow the style guide
  • Add more parents
  • Change the selector to a class
  • Create more complex CSS

According To A Google Poll, What Is The Top Frustration When Users Browse The Web On Their Mobile Device?

  • Watching a video
  • Waiting for slow pages to load
  • Being shown interstitials
  • Not knowing where to click

A Good Notification:

  • is relevant
  • can be dismissed
  • delivers in the background
  • has a default action

Before Introducing Mobile Site Design Best Practices To Your Clients, You Should Examine Their:

  • existing mobile sites
  • staffing and budget
  • design process
  • page speed scores

True Or False: Constructing The Document Object Model (DOM) Requires Style Information.

  • False
  • True

Which Is NOT True About Responsive Sites?

  • Responsive sites are cost-effective
  • Responsive sites are easier to maintain
  • Responsive sites usually have faster load times versus separate ( sites²
  • Responsive sites have one codebase, deployment and URL

How Does AMP Work?

  • Doesn’t let extension mechanisms block rendering
  • Keeps all third-party JavaScript out of the critical path
  • All of the answers are correct
  • Allows only asynchronous scripts

True Or False: Using A Mix Of Desktop And Mobile-Optimized Pages On Mobile Sites Improves The User Experience Since Some Users Are More Familiar With The Desktop Version Of The Site.

  • False
  • True

To Discover And Prioritize Landing Pages For Potential Improvements To The User Design, You Should Check The:

  • Exit Pages Report focusing on Page Views metric
  • Landing Pages Report focusing on Bounce Rate metric
  • All Pages Report focusing on Unique Page Views metric
  • All Pages Report focusing on Average Time on Page metric

Why Can An Intermittently Available Mobile Network Result In A Poor Experience?

  • It is less secure than WiFi
  • Enabling WiFi reduces battery life
  • It uses more data
  • Some assets might not be loaded

At A Minimum, What Speed Index Score Should You Be Aiming For?

  • Within 10% of similar sites
  • Less than 5000
  • Greater than 5000
  • Greater than 95%

Currently, Google Optimize Does NOT Currently Allow You To:

  • use your existing goals and metrics in Google Analytics as experiment objectives
  • serve experiments to specific groups of users that you’ve defined as Audiences in Google Analytics
  • do heatmap analysis to better understand to user behaviour on your site
  • test new website designs, layouts and content with a subset of your visitors

Which Of The Following Is NOT A Best Practice To Optimize Forms On Mobile?

  • Using a real-time validation for errors in forms
  • Exposing options instead of using a drop-down menu
  • Showing labels inside form fields for convenience
  • Offering users a numerical keyboard for telephone number field


What Is A Valid Event For A Service Worker To Emit When It’s Registered?

  • Idle
  • Canceled
  • Stop
  • Install

Why Did Facebook Create “2G Tuesdays”?

  • To run a random experiment
  • To understand how people on 2G use their product
  • Facebook didn’t create “2G Tuesdays”
  • Most users are on 2G

True Or False: Mobile Pages That Load 1 Second Faster See Up To A 27% Increase In Conversion Rate.

  • true
  • false

Which Most Accurately Describes The Purpose Of Compression?

  • Combining files
  • Minimizing file size
  • Fitting more into the cache
  • Making the code faster

Mobile Sites:

  • are accessed through the desktop device’s web browser
  • require approvals to access
  • have specific functionality for mobile devices
  • need to be downloaded or installed to a device

Research Shows That Mobile Users Expect To:

  • tap the logo at the top of a mobile page to take them back to the homepage
  • see the logo below the fold on mobile sites
  • tap the logo at the top of a mobile page to take them to a “Contact Us” page
  • tap the logo at the top of a mobile page to take them to new products

Which Metric Is Affected By Slow Pagespeed?

  • Clickthrough rate
  • Impressions
  • Conversion rate
  • Viewthrough rate

A Progressive Web App:

  • slows experience and therefore decreases conversion rate
  • needs high bandwidth environments
  • works even with unreliable network through service worker
  • is the same as Accelerated Mobile Page

Which Of The Following Is NOT A Best Practice For A Financial Company To Keep Users From Dropping Out Of The Funnel?

  • Remembering and prefilling preferences of registered users in forms
  • Letting users convert as a guest
  • Asking for registration to use the site
  • Using click-to-call buttons for complicated forms or complex tasks