Imagine Your Entire Agency Has Committed To Adopting Growth-Driven Design As Its Core Web Design Strategy. The Leadership Team Is Pushing To Implement The Entire GDD Methodology In The Next Two Weeks. Which Of The Following Statements Would Be The Best Advice To Give To Your Leadership Team?

“I’m glad we’re all excited and on board for Growth-Driven Design! I would recommend that we develop a rollout plan that has

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Imagine You Are A Strategist At A Growth-Driven Design Agency. Throughout The Past Few Months, You Have Noticed New Clients Getting Frustrated During The Strategy Stage Because Your Team Has Continuously Asked Questions That Clients Had Already Reviewed With The Sales Team. Which Of The Following Should Your Team Try Experimenting With To Improve The Client Experience?

Combine the strategist and sales rep roles, and have one person own the relationship from end to end. Have the

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Imagine You’re Having An Exploratory Call With A Prospect In The Software-As-A-Service Industry. As You’re Explaining The GDD Process, The CMO Cuts In And Explains That They Are Confused About Why There Is A Need For A Launch Pad Website And Continuous Improvement. Which Of The Following Would Be A Good Way To Respond?

First, reaffirm the importance of the website to business growth. After, give an analogy to compare the way the prospect’s

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