Someone On Your Team Hands You A List To Send Out Your Newest Marketing Email To. You Have Been Working On This Email For A While, And They Said The Contacts On This List Will Appreciate The Content. As An Inbound Professional, You Know You Can’t Send To A Purchased Or Enriched List Of Contacts. You Need More Information About This List In Order To Send To Them. How Could You Respond To Your Co-Worker?

  • Do we have verifiable permission to send to them?
  • Perfect, thanks for giving this to me. I forgot to create a list for this email.
  • Perfect! Do we have their first names though? I want to add personalization.
  • Hold on. Where did this list come from? I want to know because I can probably add this list to all our emails now if you think they are a good fit for our content.

The correct answer is:

  • Do we have verifiable permission to send to them?


Sources: HubSpot Email Marketing Course

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Jori Munroe

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