Cyber Security: Evolution History & Standard Measures

Cyber attacks are nothing new, and they can range from a basic computer worm to data breaches in large industries. Surprisingly, the threats to cybersecurity and strategies to deal with them was found years ago. You need to rewind back to the early 1970s where mankind first witnessed the first computer virus. And, then it was not the internet, it was ARPANET.

Since then, threats keep growing and evolving into all possible magnitudes. With such exposure to cyber threats, all the industries and governmental organizations might have gone vulnerable. However, all credit goes to the invention of cybersecurity technologies. With prevention and defence, cybersecurity protocols help in prohibiting illicit sneak-peeks in your business and other institutes.

Evolution History of Cybersecurity Measures

However, the scenario wasn’t the same as the invention of computer worms and other threats. It takes years and ages to evolve in terms of cybersecurity defences. Cyber attackers are still trying to invade your system with counter-attack strategies. Well, your intention to renew SSL certificate might not safeguard your website completely. The directions of a cyber attack can fluctuate in any possible direction. Here’s how it all started:

Creeper & Reaper Duo

You might not believe that research has initiated the ideology of the computer virus in the 1970s. It was an engineer, Bob Thomas from BBN Technologies, who introduced a computer program. The program has no malware inside it, but it can travel around ARPANET, along with leaving a message. The message reads out ‘I’m the creeper: catch me if you can’. In return, Ray Tomlinson, the inventor of email, designed a program to remove the Creeper program from the systems.

The program is Reaper and it can travel across ARPANET and delete Creeper. This mini-battle between Creeper and Reaper conveys the idea of a computer worm in those days. Additionally, it showed the possibilities of cyber attacks over computer networks. Now, the internet is not only limited to computer boundaries, but also every network-enabled to IoT technology. So, renew SSL certificate, deploy a firewall and keep strong passwords for safer browsing.

Morris Worm

The world has already manifested the chase and delete game between Creeper and Reaper. The next sensation in the digital world was the Morris Worm. Robert Morris claimed to create the worm to measure the size of the internet in 1989. And, it has affected almost ten per cent of the computers that connected to the internet then. Instead of the claim from the programmer of Morris Worm, the worm was likely to infect and slow down the computers eventually.

Even, the worm affected the same computer multiple times. With every single infection, the computer tended to become deadly slow and it rammed. So, the issue with Morris Worm was repeated contamination and recontamination. Additionally, the damage cost a huge amount. However, it can’t be blamed on internet services.

1990s Viral Instances

All the worm and virus attacks beforehand have made one thing clear: the attacks need to be prohibited. And, here comes the idea of cybersecurity into the play. Computer Emergency Response Teams took the responsibility to check such attacks beforehand. Therefore, the devices don’t get affected by malware and viruses. And, it could handle the widespread outbreaks of computer worms and other cybersecurity threats.

The decade of the 90s witnessed malicious attacks such as viruses, spyware, trojan and much more. This is the time when the craze for antivirus software was sky-soaring. On an interesting note, almost everyone viewed a ‘claim your prize’ pop-up on their computers.

Digital Age and Now…

Antivirus software might have slowed down the storm of virus attacks. Additionally, the awareness against malware, virus and worms has increased significantly. And, hackers have moved on to the well-established organizations from 2014, or so for data breaching, ransomware and much more threats. Such threats demand more innovative solutions and dedication towards cybersecurity solutions.

Be it the massive credit card hack, the Snowden effect, data breaching, Ransomware or Phishing email threats, concerns are everywhere on the internet. Only the right defence techniques along with the right cybersecurity technology can keep the entire computer network safe. Apart from computers, all the network-enabled devices deserve the same strategies to keep your life virus-free. The evolution of cybersecurity got possible due to machine learning, artificial intelligence deployment. These new players are capable of preventing new challenges to cybersecurity with up to 100% efficiency.

In addition to this, such technologies can be applied to vast lifeline services. Whether it is customer service, medicine, retail, transport or logistics, cybersecurity keeps every data protected and secured. However, hackers are determined to steal information from any small, medium or large company or industry. Therefore, seal all the seams regarding your business, organization and institute with the latest cybersecurity ideas.

Trending Cybersecurity Standards

Believe it or not, a single click can lead your business to bankruptcy. Cyber-attacks have become so powerful that they can make your business extinct. So, taking chances with cybersecurity measures is not a smart idea, at all. Apart from a wrong step or misinterpreting a malicious email, a weak password or poor awareness can trigger digital intrusion. Any business or tech-specialist can avail the following strategies to fight against cyber threats.

Data Security

Besides ensuring the protection of the data storage and hardware, you have to think about the data itself. Keep your sensitive and banking details confidential from cybercriminals and their reach with data security ideas. Don’t let anyone corrupt important and confidential files on devices. Further, try deploying a VPN service for enhanced security layers. Encryption services would definitely safeguard your data from data breaching to a high extent.


They might seem simple, but they are proven to be effective against any attempt to break through your system security. Entrust any built-in firewall software for filtering incoming threats to the network devices. Keep updating the firewalls for optimum privacy against cybersecurity menaces. Additionally, an internal firewall would boost up security even more.

Employee Education

When you are taking advantage of the latest technology, rest assured, you can’t maximize it unless you take the help of your employees. In case your employees are ignorant of the cyber attacks and their types, your business can easily fall prey to major cyber invasion. Whether your employees open up any suspicious email content or click any malicious link, it can lead to numerous risks. So, encourage your employees to learn about cybersecurity measures and update them regularly.

Password Management

Passwords are unavoidable to keep your data safe and inaccessible by others with strong encryption. Be it your laptop, mobile or any application interface that connects you to your business, you just can’t deny them. When it comes to managing multiple passwords of multiple devices you can rely on password manager applications. On the other hand, you can turn on the multi-factor authentication for all the web-based applications including your emails. However, keep updating your password every two to three months.

Keep Monitoring Systems…

Are you sure that your devices can cope with the incoming cybersecurity threats? You should keep testing the cutting-edge technology deployed on your system. Install all-rounder superior protection against virus and malware. Moreover, keep an eye over all your installed applications, website and data storage. Don’t overlook the importance of servers and hardware at your business premises. Lastly, monitor the Wi-Fi network so that no stranger can sneak into your comfort zone.

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