Top 5 Programming Certifications in 2022

Programming is a profession that requires diplomas and certificates. At the beginning of the programming era, there was no necessity for such papers that proved your ability to code. The portrait of those programmers might explain it. They knew more than any university could give to them and discovered their directions. They developed languages we use nowadays for personal needs or for solving new problems. The small community was open, and every member knew another. Nowadays the situation has changed a lot. 

Types of Programming Certifications You Can Get in 2022

Thousands of programmers appear every day, change their professions, and want to enter this privileged world. How can they prove their qualifications and attract an employer as a professional? There are two answers to this question:

  1. College or university diploma.
  2. Certificate of the well-known certification system/company/project.

At the same time, these certificates can be divided into two types:

  • General knowledge certificate (analog of the official diploma) that you can get after long studying and various tasks.
  • Special certificate (upgrading knowledge). Those who want to improve their skills or find out new things that appear in the IT world.

As you can understand, these two different kinds of certificates were made for different goals and suitable for different start levels of students. They can be more trustable or less trustable. It depends on the organization that issues the certificates and level of teachers who work there and give scores for the exams. According to these combinations, we want to represent a list of the best five programming certifications in 2022. 

Five Programming Certifications You Don’t Want to Miss in 2022

  • Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect. This certification appeared in 2017 and became popular very fast. This certification testifies the level of knowledge of Google Cloud Platform (GCP). As a specialist in this sphere, you can use GCP methods for developing and managing resources of Google’s cloud architecture. Only people who have deep knowledge of Google technology solutions can apply for a certificate. 
  • Project Management Professional (PMP). A lot of companies require PMs and their skills. That’s why so many people try this profession. So if you want to be special at the international level, you must get the PMP certificate. It is not so simple because you need not only to pass the exam that accepts your knowledge but also to work on the PMs’ position for some period. Only if you are competent in budgeting, relations with teams, basic lifecycle steps of product, negotiations, and team-leading you can claim such high-level certification.  
  • Certified Information Security Manager (CISM). According to international tendencies of global informatization, security specialists become important and occupy positions in top management. Protection of developments and data is as important as information about customers, clients and their relations and history of cooperation. As an information security manager, you will develop security protocols and take a part in the overall IT security of the company. To get this certificate, you must pass the exam of 200 questions that can prove that you are good at fixing troubles and qualified enough to predict them.   
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate. This certification is highly demanded in the IT world. The exam for getting this certificate tests your experience in creating systems on AWS. If architecture on large-scale distributed systems is what you enjoy doing and want to get a higher position, then this certification is for you. The exam is not easy and it is the next step after getting AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification. Another condition is that you may work more than a year at a close position. 
  • Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA). This certificate validates risk management skills, cybersecurity, and auditing of information systems. To get it you must prove your knowledge in 5 IT fields so it is not simple. But if you get it, you will become close to the next step of your career. If you are good at the protection of information assets, maintenance and service management, auditing information systems, information system acquisition, development, and implementation that won’t be a problem for you. 

It is definitely not an exhaustive list of certifications you can get to increase your programming proficiency in 2022. However, this list reflects certifications that will be the most useful not only to become better in programming, but also to strengthen your position when demanding a bigger salary. IT-world pays attention to your diplomas and additional certifications – a specialist who is ready to invest in his/her education is a valuable asset to any company and programming team. 

How to Receive Certification Studying Under Time Pressure

If you avoid getting additional certification because you are afraid you won’t have enough time to deal with assignments, there are several options you should consider. First, like any education, receiving certification requires time that you should plan in advance. You can reduce programming assignment load by delegating some of the coding tasks to a reliable programming help service, such as Assignment Core whose team of experts do homework assignments in any language. You can both delegate some of the tasks given in the certification process or, on the contrary, focus on those tasks yourself and delegate other coding assignments that are less important to you now.

You can find more information about each of them and decide which is more preferable for your needs. It is obvious that even studying is an important process that will help you with a future job. But getting such a respected certificate can lead you to a new level of knowledge, company and salary. Never think that studying is a silly way of spending time and money and other professionals can’t give you materials that will be new for you. Spending time in such a clever and qualified community is already a great opportunity for every specialist who is ready to grow professionally. For those who are still doubting, we want to remind you that every kind of studying opens new sides of your personality and changes the world for the better.

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