Northern European Baroque Art

When the Dutch Protestants rebelled against the Roman Catholic church, the Spanish king quelled the uprising.

A realistic artist who inspired Rubens

A three-panel composition

A Renaissance artist who inspired Rubens

The look of the background of Rape of the Daughters of Leucippus

Angular composition created by figures in Daughters of Leucippus

Male figures are

Sense of energy is created by this in Daughters of Leucippus

The kind of lighting he used

Figures extend beyond this

Peter Paul Rubens’s artistic style can be characterized by all of the following except:

Dutch merchants were interested in what kind of artwork?

Some called Rembrandt’s technique

One contemporary painter called Rembrandt’s paintings a mess of this:

He had tremendous control over this:

The result seems like this:

Every coincidence adds to the effect of the perfect

The famous Dutch painter whose qualities included glowing light against dark backgrounds and truthful rendering of his subjects was:

Dutch painter Jan Vermeer was famous for his _____.
—voluminous output
—formal portraits
—use of space