How to Get Google Analytics Certification: An Ultimate Guide

Analytics is a complex discipline that lets a person predict business success and failure thanks to the investigation of the experience. If a person mentions analytical skills in the CV, an employer will regard it as a positive and beneficial feature. Today, students try to get Google Analytics certification to stand out from other candidates and co-workers. 

Google holders encourage people to use their products and offer free courses that reward them with their brand certificates. Actually, there are two available certifications – Google Analytics and Google Analytics 360. The first one is provided on a no-cost basis. The second certificate is for commercial organizations and requires monthly fees. Compared to its free version, it provides more features, one of which is unlimited data. How to get it?

Daily, a team of homework helpers from helps customers pass exams to get Google Analytics Certification. Its STEM experts decided to share their experiences here. 

Why Is It Good to Have Google Analytics Certification?

Today, almost every organization and individual has a personal social platform. One can use it to share information, attract a target audience, and develop business. Previously, entrepreneurs had to spend months trying to find out their customer’s likes, preferences, and dislikes. Now, a person can use analytics software to control everyone who visits their web platform. 

This software lets a website holder see the following things about visitors:

  • the time spent on the service
  • what information they have read and skipped
  • the amount of spent traffic

Thanks to that, it is possible to learn what websites need promotion and improvement. For example, the analytic report shows that visitors leave a website in a couple of minutes and it drops down in visitor activity every second. It means that the content is of low quality, unsystematized, or expired and does not attract users anymore. Besides, Google developers made real-time analytics possible, so Google specialists can find out who visits their website at the moment.

How to Get a Certificate Without Problems?

The Certificate is worth taking, though a person cannot get it in a second and benefit from it without tips and tricks from advanced helpers.

Get Acquainted with the Product

The certification is pointless without the ability to utilize it to the fullest. Assignment help service recommends doing the three below-mentioned tricks.

  • Involve a person who has already gotten Google Analytics Certification. For example, the professional assistance of assignment experts is aware of all secrets concerning the acquisition of Google Analytics Certification. Its experts have dealt with both variants of certification, so their knowledge is valuable.
  • One can master the basic notions of Analytics without someone’s assistance. Nevertheless, it will be a real challenge because the discipline is hard to comprehend without thorough explanations.
  • A team of specialists can select one member who will do that job.  

How to Get a Certificate

  1. Become a Google partner. This step is a must because, as it has been already said, Google promotes its products and provides certificates only to its partners. A partner gets a badge that is an indicator of professionalism and respect. Besides, a person must be eligible to receive that badge.  
  2. Pass an Exam. Yeah, you should do your homework to pass an exam. Your homework is to understand what analytics is, its advantages, and ways of its efficient utilization. Before taking an exam, candidates should definitely know what to expect – sections, time frames, formats of questions, etc. Besides, one needs to participate in IQ courses provided by Google to get to know the required programs and, logically, prepare for the testing. Even if you are an Analytics specialist, these courses will refresh your awareness and provide you with something new. Fortunately, Google has developed courses for people with different knowledge backgrounds – starting with the beginners and finishing with Analytics 360. Moreover, one can watch YouTube devoted to Analytics Certification! 
  3. What will my Google Analytics Individual Qualification exam include? One can pass the exam on Skillshop. It is very important to mention the correct data in the Google profile because the system will generate a document that mirrors the name and surname of the student’s Analytics Academy account. The exam consists of several modules, each module introduces a different subject. Totally, one has an hour and a half to do all tests, but the system tells about 60 available minutes only. Students should delete all distractors because it is impossible to pause testing. The examination form has seventy questions of two types – T/F (+/- or true/false) and multiple choice. 
  4. Pass an Exam. A person should provide 80% of correct answers to pass the exam. If a person does not succeed, it will be necessary to wait a week to redo it. CWassignment specialists recommend trying trial tests before proceeding to the real ones. One can find a trial version on GA4 Tests. Participants say that this site provides tests of a higher complexity compared to the real Google exam. So, if you get good results here, you will surely pass the GAIQ exam.  
  5. Get the Certificate. When participants pass the exam successfully, the system will send a certificate with the name mentioned in the Google Partners account. 

Benefits of Having Google Analytics Certification

Getting the certification is not only about having a badge or a document. First of all, a student receives precious knowledge required for the XXI century. While getting ready for the exam, a person learns a lot about G-products, their secrets, and opportunities for website promotion and research of the target audience. This certificate can turn a mere employee into an expert in web analysis. 

Analytics gave start to such essential spheres as SEO, marketing of search engines and social media, and more. Homework services help not only with STEM projects, term papers, web design, and other calculation and programming assignments. They also assist people in their preparation for GAIQ exams. When students do not understand something, helpers are always there to explain details and guide them. Besides, they share useful platforms that contain much information required for successful exam passing.

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