While Exploring The Social Media Tracker, You Find Out That Your Best-Performing Post On Twitter Earned 120 Likes, 18 Retweets, And 12 Replies, While Your Competitor’s Top Post Got 147 Likes And 53 Retweets. Your Audience Is Comprised Of 9,000 Users, And Your Competitor’s — 12,000 Users. Whose Post Has A Higher Engagement Rate?

Your post They both have equal engagement rates Your competitor’s post They cannot be compared The correct answer is: Your

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You Are About To Start Writing An Article And Want To Get Ideas For A Chosen Topic. You Type Your Keyword In The Topic Research Tool’s Search Bar And Select A Desired Subtopic Within The Generated Report. Which Of The Following Insights Would The Tool Offer You For Each Subtopic? Choose Three Answers.

Backlinks Readability Questions Related searches Recommended text length Headlines The correct answer is: Questions Related searches Headlines Sources: SEMrush Content

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