You’ve sent the following agenda to your agency’s new client as you prepare for the new client kickoff: — Recap agenda — Introductions — GPCT (goals, plans, challenges, timelines) — Action items and next steps What significant item is missing from the agenda?

BANT (budget, authority, need, timeline) The give and get Working together and each side’s responsibilities HubSpot demo (specifically data and

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You and your agency’s cofounder both worked in higher education for years before starting the agency. You agree that because of your past experience, you want to work with clients in the same industry you’re familiar with. You feel you have the opportunity to build specialized content marketing campaigns for higher education clients and can be proactive when building lead generation campaigns. Which lead generation strategy would be the fastest way to get started selling retainers?

Looking to existing relationships Targeting by vertical Targeting by location Focusing on target accounts The correct answer is: Targeting by

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A colleague sends you a link to a company that they think would be a good fit for a retainer with your agency. You start looking at the company’s website, and you notice they meet a lot of the secondary criteria of the prospect fit matrix, but they aren’t capturing leads through their website and they don’t sell something that involves a considered purchase process. Based on the prospect fit matrix, is this company a good fit for an inbound retainer?

Yes. Both the primary and secondary criteria is important in determining prospect fit, and since the company meets the majority

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