Chris Is The Marketing Director For Keys & Strings, A Company That Makes Custom Pianos. Keys & Strings Sells Their Pianos Through Their Website, And Has A Small But Loyal Customer Base. Chris Is Tasked With Increasing The Size Of Keys & Strings’ Customer Base. Why Is A Showcase Shopping Ad The Right Choice For Chris?

It uses A/B testing functionality to test a variety of different ads, to help customer discover your brand while looking

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A Single Branch Of Shiny Shoes Has Been Operating Across North America Since 1917. A New Marketing Team Member Suggested They Look Into Local Inventory Ads. The Owner, Tim, Is Concerned About Where Potential Customers Might See The Ad. Where Can Tim Expect Consumers To Find His Local Inventory Ads?

On a radio station anchored within 30 miles (48 km) of a Shiny Shoe’s location On a billboard anywhere in

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