In evaluating your company’s blog posts from the past quarter, your boss Sam has identified that the post called “The Top 3 Ways to Improve Your Marketing” as being a top-performing post. Sam wants to add contextual marketing to show different ‘ways to improve your marketing’ to different blog readers based on their lifecycle stage. Is this a good approach?

“Yes. There are all different lifecycle stages reading the blog, so we can maximize our readership.” “Yes. We can change

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Your colleague Jana is building a campaign around the longtail keyword “landing page optimization services,” which is a service your company provides. What kind of segmentation should you use to add contextual marketing in order to help Jana have more of an impact on visitors?

Segmentation by organic search Segmentation by lifecycle stage Segmentation by paid campaign Segmentation by buyer persona The correct answer is:

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Your colleague Jana would like to add a personalization token to a landing page that offers “10 Tips to Generate More Leads.” She would like to add the Company Name property in order to connect with the user, showing that this ebook would be helpful to the individual’s company. How would you respond to Jana?

“Sounds like a good idea. But ‘company name’ isn’t personal enough. Let’s use ‘first name’ instead.” “It’s a good idea,

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