Baroque Art III: The Dutch Republic

What were Rembrandt’s pieces characterized by?
—naturalism and extreme drama

What does the famous painting above showcase?
—characteristics of Baroque art in Flanders and the Dutch Republic

What is depicted in the image above?
—King Charles I dressed casually for the hunt and standing on a bluff overlooking a distant view of the country.

Which of these artists was one of the first Dutch still life painters?
—Pieter Claesz

What technique did the artist of the above image adopt from Rubens?
—attention to texture and detail

What Baroque style technique does the artist use in the composition above?
—diagonally to give a strong sense of space (?)

Who is the artist of the image above?
—Anthony van Dyck

How did most of the Dutch and Flemish paint flowers differently than other still life paintings?
—They painted flowers with dark backgrounds to make the flowers appear bolder and brighter.

What is vanitas?
—reminds the viewer of the transience of life and material possessions

What techniques did the artist of the above image use that emphasized the Baroque style?
—sharp diagonal composition and deep tenebrism