Art Impressionism

What “knits” the above painting together?
—the facial expressions

How is Degas’ work different from the other Impressionists?
—Answers may vary. He does not use natural light or the outdoors; instead his setting is indoors with artificial light.

What is the name of the piece above?
—Rouen Cathedral: The Portal (In Sun)

What technique did the artist of the painting above use to capture the light reflecting on the water?
—Rapid brushstrokes

Monet painted over _______ views of the facade of Rouen Cathedral.

What Japanese characteristic did Degas use in the above painting, as well as much of his work?
—Angular viewpoints

How did the ideal woman change in the two images above? (Titian’s image – left, Manet’s image – right)
—Answers may vary. Manet’s nude is more angular and flattened, while Titian’s is rounder and softer looking.

In the painting above, what did the artist borrow from Monet?
—Monet’s use of natural light

Who painted the image above?
—Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Which of the following was not a common Impressionist theme?