7 Most-Purchased Eco-Friendly Washing Machines: Reduce the Utility Bill & Save the Environment

Are you thinking of replacing the existing washing machine with a new one? Have you already chosen a specific brand or model of a washing machine? No! Then, simply consider purchasing an eco-friendly washing machine for less energy consumption. Nowadays, with the emergence of washing machines, reducing the time and effort of washing clothes and other materials has become possible. A significant investment is associated with washing machines, so before proceeding to the selection process, make sure you have chosen the right one.

Along with checking the budget of this electronic device, emphasis on analysing its size, functionality, and overall energy consumption level. And, when it comes to buying an energy-efficient washing machine, you get a lot to choose from. But sometimes, it becomes hard to choose a suitable washing machine that can serve all your purpose.

An eco-friendly washing machine comes with a plethora of advantages that can be beneficial in the long run. Starting from a significant reduction in carbon emissions to better device longevity — an eco-friendly washing machine is ideal in every aspect.

Do you know these sorts of washing machines require less maintenance and water as well? Yes! So, if you have ever thought about buying an energy-efficient washing device, here we are providing a few options that you should consider in 2021.

1.   Samsung WW22N685 — A Worth-Buying Device

Looking for an eco-friendly washing machine that will be affordable enough? Then, go for buying Samsung WW22N685; it’s a compact-size and well-priced washer that also comes with exclusive specifications. Moreover, this particular washing device has the capability to complete the washing process within 36 minutes. Samsung WW22N685 also contains a deep-cleaning wash feature which is quite effective in reducing bacterial growth.

For accelerating the noise of the device, Samsung has equipped VRT technology. Additionally, the diamond drum interior aids in protecting the delicate fabrics of the clothes. One of the best parts of this Samsung product is that you can even access this device remotely. Simply, download the Smart Care App from the PlayStore or App Store, and turn off the device even when you are not in the house. Here, we are mentioning a few more information about Samsung WW22N685:

  • It can intake 2401 gallons of water in an hour, without causing any electrical breakdown or any other technical issues.
  • And, the average annual electricity consumption of the Samsung WW22N685 is approximately 85-kilowatt hours.
  • Like the other high-efficiency washers, this Samsung product also has a capacity of 2.2 cubic feet.

And, if you encounter any washer-related problems in the coming days, make sure you have contacted washing machine repair.

2.   Electrolux EFLS527: All-in-one Washer

Well, this eco-friendly washer is till now considered to be one of the highest-selling products of Electrolux. Its spinning cycle is incomparable and can complete the washing job within 18 minutes, surprising, right? Additionally, for improving the user experience, Electrolux has incorporated features like reversible doors. You can now put and take out the clothing materials and other required washable items with ease. Being one of the renowned washing machine manufacturers, Electrolux has installed detergent dispensers in this device.

It’s probably the world’s first eco-friendly washing machine that contains a detergent dispenser. You can now add any liquid detergent, powder, and detergent pods whilst making the clothes contamination-free. One more thing that is worth praising about this washer is that you can easily identify the laundry even when clothes are inside the drum.

Want to know more about Electrolux EFLS527? Here are the details:

  • Usually, front-load high-efficiency washing machines like Electrolux EFLS527 have a capacity of 4.0 cubic feet.
  • As per a recently conducted research, it was analysed that you can use at least 4059 per year.
  • And, the average annual electricity consumption of the Electrolux EFLS527 is approximately 75-kilowatt hours.

3.   Bosch WAT28400UC: Best In-Built Features

If you already browsed through the best eco-friendly washing machines, then you have probably got a Bosch product. Moreover, Bosch has acquired widespread recognition for producing compact-sized washers for every household owner. So, you will just need minimal space for keeping this particular Bosch washing machine. Keep it in any corner of your house and get an exceptional cleaning outcome. Usually, Bosch WAT28400UC comes with a 2.2 cubic feet drum which is comparatively smaller than a standard washing machine’s drum.

That doesn’t necessarily mean you have to wash 17 towels at once and reduce the number of the clothes to get the best result. Though it comes in a small size, Bosch WAT28400UC can beat the majority of the washers when it comes to performance. This washing machine consists of 15 different cycle options; it’s unbelievable, isn’t it? You get the opportunity to automatically eliminate the detergent residue and other build-ups with its clean drum feature.

Additionally, with the assistance of its anti-allergen settings, you can efficiently reduce almost 99.9% of allergens. Also, this sort of feature is ideal for individuals who have sensitive skin. So, we would definitely recommend you to go with this one if you are looking for a washer with high longevity.

4.   LG WM3900HWA: The Best Front Loader Washer

Over the years, this LG product has become one of the top-rated washing machines and has successfully gathered positive customer feedback. Being one of the eminent washer manufacturing companies, LG has made their products quite energy-efficient and also included water-saving features.

So, LG WM3900HWA has the ability to clean the clothes properly and generates less sound and vibration while operating. By enforcing these sorts of features, LFG has enhanced the user satisfaction level.

Moreover, you will get exclusive features such as a 3-minute wash option and a self-clean cycle in LG WM3900HWA. So, in short, it can be exemplified that this LG product needs less maintenance and repair as compared to a standard washer. Among all the washing machines that have till now made their introduction in the global market, LG WM3900HWA is the first-ever device that has acquired “asthma and allergy-friendly” certification for equipping the Allergiene cycle.

Alleviating hazardous allergens from fabric is now completely possible with the assistance of this LG feature. So, buy this washing machine, connect it with the wireless network and operate this Wi-Fi-enabled device without any hesitation.

5.   Samsung WF45T6000AW: Suitable for Everyone

Need a washer that requires less water and energy for serving cleaning purposes? Then, Samsung WF45T6000AW is absolutely the right choice for you. It also acquired a positive response from the users for making the contaminated clothes clean without damaging the clothing material. With its self-cleaning feature, you can completely eliminate almost 99.9% of bacteria from the laundries. Spend a few AEDs and improve the hygiene standard by just bringing home this Samsung product.

6.   Yirego Drumi: The Best Portable and Non-Electric Washer

If you have the urge to buy a food-powered washing machine that will also contain a rinse and spin cycle, then go for this Yirego product. In most of the foot-powered washers, a spin cycle is absent. And, this clearly indicates that the users have to squeeze water from the cloths using their hands for an effective cleaning result. This sort of cleaning process might be a hurdle, especially when you are dealing with heavier fabrics like towels.

But, with the help of the spin cycle of Yirego Drumi, you don’t even have to think about such inconvenience while cleaning. But make sure, you have eliminated the tough stains and soiled parts before putting the clothes inside this washer’s drum. Further, this washing unit contains a hose that can drain the excess liquid easily.

7.   LG Electronics WM3488HW: Best Washer and Dryer Combo

Yes! Now you can clean and dry the clothes using just a single unit; though the process might be time-consuming, it brings convenience to the user’s life. Moreover, LG Electronics WM3488HW comes with an average-size drum for washing and can dry up the clothes without a vent. If you have recently shifted to a new apartment, consider buying this one. Because you don’t have to worry about altering the wall for installing this washer. So, purchase it now!

Is it Necessary to Buy an Eco-Friendly Washing Machine?

Nowadays, the importance of purchasing eco-friendly products is gradually increasing and an energy-efficient washing machine is not an exception. The renowned manufacturing companies such as LG or Samsung have produced a large number of products, but an eco-friendly washing machine is their best innovation. If you are even slightly concerned about environment-protection, switch to an eco-friendly washing machine before it gets too late.

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