Chapter 23 – Seventeenth-Century Art in Europe

A global of Baroque art was to
—evoke emotional

The strategies of Baroque theatricality include
—dramatic lighting

Unlike Renaissance art, Baroque art makes it’s viewers into

Art picturing scenes of daily life is called
—genre painting

The Baroque style is established and developed in Rome thanks in part to the

Bernini’s Cathedra Petri typical of Italian Baroque art for its
—opulent and spectacular visual effects

Bernini’s St. Teresa in Ecstasy most clearly illustrates the Baroque interest in

The two styles of Italian seventeenth-century painting are
—naturalism and Classicism

The text suggest that the purpose of Caravaggio’s naturalism is to
—make religious subjects understandable

What constitutes the “Golden Age” of painting in Spain?
—paintings that depict religious themes realistically and dramatically

Seventeenth-century Spanish art is most profoundly influenced by

Jusepe de Ribera’s painting is best described as
—Classical and naturalistic

What concern common in the Renaissance and Baroque eras is demonstrated in Velazquez’s Las Meninas?
—status of the artist

What motivate the addition of Baroque facade to the Romanesque cathedral of St. James in Santiago de Compostela in Spain?
—enew interest in pilgrimages to the shrines of saints

What new developments in Flemish painting are evident in the workshop of Peter Paul Rubens?
—Rubens hires specialist painters as shop assistants

What aspect of Rubens’s painting reveals his familiarity with Italian art?
—heroic bodies

How do painting by Peter Paul Rubens reveal his northern heritage?
—surface description

Which country’s political history is pictured in Ruben’s Henry IV Receiving the Protiat of Marie de’ Madici?

A breakfast piece is a still life featuring
—bread and fruit

The predominant style of Dutch seventeenth-century art is

The subject preferred in the Protestant Netherlands include
—portraiture, genre, and landscapes

Which printmaking process is most closely associated with Rembrandt?

Vermeer used the camera obscura to
—study the composition

What compositional element Hals’s Officers of the Harlem Militia Company of St. Adrian?
—diagonal lines

How does the art of France differ from art and architecture produced elsewhere in Europe?
—it is under royal control

Versailles’s dominant iconographic program consist of
—images of Apollo

The French Royal Academy of Painting and Sculpture promotes a/n
—Classical style

Which aspect of Georges de la Tour’s Mary Magdalen with the Smoking Flame reveals his indebtedness to Caravaggio
—emphasis on the figure

The French Royal Academy of Painting and Sculpture debated the relative merits of
—drawing and color

Inigo Jones is inspired by the architecture of
—Andrea Palladio

What evidence leads your test to describe the windows at the Banqueting House as rhythmic?
—They have alternating round and ponied pediments

What Renaissance architectural feature did Wren originally plan for St. Paul Cathedral?
—central plan

How is Wren’s plan for St. Paul Cathedral similar to Maderno’s plan for the new St. Peter’s in Rome?
—both have a long nave

How does Christopher Wren use chiaroscuro at St. Paul’s Cathedral?
—shaded porticos on the facade

Unlike the Renaissance, Baroque Classicism is characterized by its

What practical concern lay behind the promotion of longitudinally planned churches in 17th-century Rome?
—accommodating parishioners

The twisting columns on Bernini’s Baldacchino refer to

Which answer correctly explains why Bernini built the Piazza at St. Peter’s in an oval shape?
—the oval accommodated existing objects on the site

The facade of Borromini’s San Carlo alle Quattro Fontane
—seeks dramatic effects of light and shadow

Tenebrism is Caravaggio’s strategy for creating
—emotional responses

What evidence reveals that Artemisia Gentileschi is a follower of Caravaggio?
—dramatic light

How does Cortona’s The Glorification of the Papacy of Urban VIII exemplify the role of viewers in Baroque art?
—its illusionism relies on the viewer’s position

Paintings of the Immaculate Conception refers to the belief that
—Mary was born without the stain of original sin

What evidence leads to the conclusion that Rubens’s Self-Portrait with Isabella Brandt commemorates their wedding?
—the positions of their hands and feet

Which formal element or principal of design is a hall mark of Peter Paul Rubens’s painting?
—diagonal composition

A printmaking process that uses a needle to scratch into metal plate is called

How does Hal’s Officers of the Haarlem Militia Company of St. Adrian exemplify Dutch art?
—it is the theme form daily life

Which thematic category was particular common in Holland?
—group portraiture

Gerard ter Borch’s The Suitor’s Visit is an example of
—genre scene

The evidence that Johannes Vermeer’s Woman Holding a Balance seems to be a metaphor for external judgement includes the
—painting in the background

Which visual hallmark leads scholars to describe French landscapes as “Classical”?
—the use of orderly composition

What evidence supports your test’s description of St. Paul’s facade as triumphantly vertical?
—two-story portal