Baroque Art IV: France and England

What were the main differences between French and English Baroque painting?
—  French Baroque painting had a strong Italian Baroque influence, not seen as much in English painting.

Who expanded the Palace of Versailles to its present size?
— Louis XIV

Which of these best describes the inside of the Palace of Versailles?
— The hall is lined with mirrors, gilded statues and glass chandeliers hang above.

Who is the artist of the image above?
—  nicholas poussin

Who is the artist of the image above?
— georges de la tour

Describe the stylistic influence of the church seen above.
— The church is a combination of basilica-style building and a united dome building.

What was Christopher Wren’s focus after much of London burned in 1666, and how did his plans change?
— He focused on salvaging St. Peter’s Cathedral, however it failed. Instead, he designed a new church which is a hallmark of English Baroque.

Who is depicted in the image above?
— Mary Magdalene

How can you tell the artist of the image above was untrained?
— The way the baby is standing on the mother’s lap is rather ambiguous. The mother’s bent legs are not depicted correctly to support the child either.

How does Poussin create an orderly progression through perspective in the image above?
— Through the clearly defined foreground, middleground, and background.

What is the name of the piece above?
—  Landscape with Saint John on Patmos

Where on the church pictured above can you locate evidence of Baroque influence?
— The facade contains deep porticos which cause a dramatic play of light and shadow.

Most of the artwork in England was produced to______________________.
— keep family records

What was Nicolas Poussin’s art known to be?
—  orderly, arranged

Who is the artist of the image above?
—  Antoine Le Nain

What does the light do in the painting above?
—  It creates a somber mood and unifies the work.

What is the significance of the painted vault ceilings in the image above?
— They celebrate the military triumphs of Louis XIV.

Why is the image above considered the epitome of French Baroque?
—  It is theatrical, exuberant and lavish.

The Dutch were so proud of the painting below that they _______________________.
—  presented it to the French queen Marie de’ Medici