Baroque Art III & IV

What is vanitas?
—reminds the viewer of the transience of life and material possessions

What is the theme of the piece above?
—the inevitable passage of time and the fleeting life of human beings

What does the famous painting above showcase?
—characteristics of Baroque art in Flanders and the Dutch Republic

Which of these artists was one of the first Dutch still life painters?
—Pieter Claesz

What are some of the Flemish and Dutch traditions the artist used in the image above?
—maximum contrast of textures within a color scheme of white, grays, and browns

Who painted the image above?
—Rembrandt van Rijn

What is depicted in the image above?
—King Charles I dressed casually for the hunt and standing on a bluff overlooking a distant view of the country.

What Baroque style technique does the artist use in the composition above?
—diagonally to give a strong sense of space

What were Rembrandt’s pieces characterized by?
—naturalism and extreme drama

What techniques did the artist of the above image use that emphasized the Baroque style?
—sharp diagonal composition and deep tenebrism

Who painted the image above?
—Peter Paul Rubens

What was Nicolas Poussin’s art known to be?
—orderly, arranged

Where on the church pictured above can you locate evidence of Baroque influence?
—The facade contains deep porticos which cause a dramatic play of light and shadow.

Most of the artwork in England was produced to______________________.
—keep family records

What were the main differences between French and English Baroque painting?
—French Baroque painting had a strong Italian Baroque influence, not seen as much in English painting.

Why would the painting above be considered Baroque?
—Emotion is present in the face of the mother and there is a strong contrast between the figures in the foreground and the dark background.

Who is the artist of the painting above?
—The artist is unknown.

What does the light do in the painting above?
—It creates a somber mood and unifies the work.

Which of the following artists had a direct influence on the artist of the above painting?

What Baroque characteristic can you identify in the piece above?
—contrasting areas of light and shadow

What is the name of the piece above?
—Landscape with Saint John on Patmos

Who is the artist of the image above?
—Antoine Le Nain

What is the significance of the painted vault ceilings in the image above?
—They celebrate the military triumphs of Louis XIV.

Who expanded the Palace of Versailles to its present size?
—Louis XIV

Which of the following was an architect who dominated English Baroque architecture?
—Christopher Wren