Baroque Art II: Italy and Spain Quiz

Which of Caravaggio’s traditions does the artist use in the image above?
—emphasize figures in the foreground
—drawing the viewer into the scene
—all of the above

What is pictured below?

What is tenebrism?
—a style of painting using sharp contrasts of light and dark

What artist painted the image above?
—Diego Velasquez

How does the artist create tension in the piece above?
—the poses of the women and the intense lighting used in the scene

Who painted the image above?

How does the artist create unity of form in the painting above?
—The artist fuses sculpture and painting to eliminate any appearance of architectural division.

What common themes are present in Spanish Baroque art?

What does the image above depict?
—Cornaro Chapel, a funerary chapel

What did Bernini have in mind when he designed the chapel seen above?
—to create a rich, theatrical setting dedicated to the Spanish saint Teresa of Avila

Who was the artist of the piece above clearly inspired by?

How does the artist create movement in the painting above?
—The figures move diagonally to create a triangular composition.