Baroque Art I: Characteristics of Art and Architecture

Who was the architect of the church seen above?

What is pictured above?
—Palace of Versailles

Which of the following techniques was not introduced during the Baroque Period?

How does the church seen above represent an example of Baroque architecture?
—the columns and other detailed architecture (?)

Which of the following statements is a true comparison of the two sculptures of David pictured below? (Bernini’s David vs Michelangelo’s David)
—The openness of the composition of Michelangelo’s David allows for space that draws the viewer in, and the emotion in Bernini’s David      displays the energy of the action and forces the viewer into the event. (??)

Which of the following best describes some of the most important characteristics of Baroque art?
—dramatic, exuberant, ornate
—OR detailed, bold (?)

When did French Baroque architecture reach its peak?
—during the rule of Louis XVI (? honestly i have no idea)

What traditional Baroque characteristics can you identify in the piece above?
—All of the above
—(open composition, emotionality, and diagonal composition) ????????

In Baroque art, the artists intend for the viewer to examine the _________ aspects instead of the _____________ aspects of their work.
—intellectual; realistic

What is the name of the building pictured above?
—Church of San Carlo Alle Quattro Fontane

What is “impasto”?
—Using thickly applied paints; Italian

What was the theme of Château de Versailles, pictured above?
—absolute power and overwhelming strength

What is the name of the above sculpture by Bernini?
—Ecstasy of St. Teresa

How does the sculpture above convey emotion?
—The curvature of his body, the dramatic emotion on his face.

What is a genre painting?
—A genre painting is a painting of a scene that can be found in everyday life. It is not a religious scene or portrait of royalty.

How are these sculptures of the same subject portrayed differently? (Statue of David by Bernini and David by Michelangelo)
—Bernini’s David invokes many emotions and the SCULPTURE ITSELF is extremely emotional and dramatic.
—Michelangelo’s David while slightly emotional displays MORE INTELLECTUAL aspects than emotional aspects. Bernini’s version seems to force its way into the viewer’s space while Michelangelo’s stands peacefully allowing the viewer to create distance if the viewer wants.

Why is the story of the Château de Versailles considered a “rags-to-riches” story?
—The area was once a neglected field but was transformed into a spectacular construction with great detail.

What type of composition would you use to create a Baroque style painting?

How is Baroque sculpture different from classical sculpture?
—Baroque art is often described as exuberant, extravagant, and dramatic when compared to the more intellectual and restrained works of the previous periods. In baroque art, the viewer is invited to be a participant in the work – much like someone who is watching a film or a play is invited to participate in the story.

What Baroque painting technique can you identify in the piece above?

What is tenebrism?
—a style of painting using sharp contrasts of light and dark

How do the compositions of Baroque art compare to those of other periods?
—The figures seem to move diagonally, expand upward, or overlap their frame. (??)

Which artist painted the image above?
—Juan Sánchez Cotán

Who is pictured in the image above, which contains characteristics of Baroque art?
—Louis XIV