Art History: Baroque Art I: Characteristics of Art and Architecture

What traditional Baroque characteristics can you identify in the piece above?
—All of the above.

Who is pictured in the image above, which contains characteristics of Baroque art?
—Louis XIV.

Which of the following best describes some of the most important characteristics of Baroque art?
—Dramatic, exuberant, ornate.

Which of the following statements is a true comparison of the two sculptures of David pictured below?
—The openness of the composition of Michelangelo’s David allows for space that draws the viewer in, and the emotion in Bernini’s David displays the energy of the action and forces the viewer into the event.

When did French Baroque architecture reach its peak?
—During the rule of Louis XVI.

What is the name of the building pictured above?
—Church of San Carlo Alle Quattro Fontane.

Who was the architect of the church seen above?

Which of the following techniques was not introduced during the Baroque Period?

In Baroque art, the artists intend for the viewer to examine the _________ aspects instead of the _____________ aspects of their work.
—Emotional; intellectual.

How does the church seen above represent an example of Baroque architecture?
—The proportion of the facade creates dramatic light and dark contrast.

How do the compositions of Baroque art compare to those of other periods?
—The figures seem to move diagonally, expand upward, or overlap their frame.

Which artist painted the image above?
—Juan Sánchez Cotán.

What is pictured above?
—Palace of Versailles.